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2 Hrs

3 retouched images

Recommended Agency/Students - £275


3 Hrs

5 retouched images

Recommended Agency/Students - £375


4 Hrs

6 retouched images

Recommended Agency/Students - £475


This is my standard Headshot session to try and capture traditional headshots in 2/3 different styles. Most people find 2 hrs is ample time to get a nice small portfolio of different looks and characters in a few different lighting styles. We will concentrate on getting industry standard headshots in portrait orientation.

I wouldn’t recommend this session If you need to shave or do extensive hair changes. I want to concentrate on direction and range of looks rather than using time to change styling. Even if you are a little bit tentative in front of camera we still have enough time to get warmed up and into the session.

We’ll work with whatever lighting i think suits the day best, natural or studio weather dependent.. but hopefully we will still have time to do a little of both. I f you have a preference for either thats fine just let me know.

We will briefly review images within the session to see how things are progressing and have a discussion about what we like and what we still need to capture.

All your images will be uploaded to a web gallery with a password for you to review, and order.

3 Retouches are included in this price in both Colour and B&W - extras at £20

Session information

Session length - 2 Hours
£300 - Agency/Students £275
Retouches - 3
Online Web Gallery
Approx 250 images to view

Headshot Portfolio

This session is similar to my ‘Headshots’ but gives us an extra hour to take our time and be a little more creative.

That extra hour may be useful to change hair styles, shave a beard or work through a lot of different ‘character’ looks if thats what suits your casting bracket.

We will almost definitely use both indoors and outdoors (London weather dependant) and I’ll also look to capture some Landscape or Banner image shots if you think this is useful for the work you want to apply for or if you have a website.

If we get good stuff quickly, and you would like to try some slightly more creative ideas - whether it be some 3/4 length shots or looking away from camera for a more portrait feel suitable for musicians or modelling - we may well have a little time for this, but we will talk as we go.

We will spend some valuable time reviewing images during the session on a large screen to make sure we both have the same idea as to what is working, and that make-up, hair and tops are as they should be.

5 retouches included in this price in both Colour and B&W - extras at £20

Session information

Session length - 3 Hours
£400 - Agency/Students £375
Retouches - 5
Online Web Gallery
Approx 400 images to view

Creative Portfolio

Designed mainly for people who need a bit more than just a Headshot from their session, whether it be a Model wanting a few full length or portfolio looks, Dancers needing Body shots or Actors wanting to create a wider range of options and creative looks for use on websites, imdb or in articles

You will of course receive everything i would normally do in my Headshot portfolio and then more options.

You cant book this option online, i would like to liase with you first to talk about what you want from this session as I understand it is a reasonable investment.

You may also want to think about whether a Hair or Make-Up artist would be beneficial for this session.

4 retouches included in this price in both Colour and B&W - extras at £20

Session information

Session length - 4 Hours
£500 - Agency/Students £475
Retouches - 6
Online Web Gallery
Approx 500 images



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