Actors Headshots Package

£250.00, £225.00 Recommending Agent, £200.00 Student

I like to see a maximum of 2 clients per day for Headshots in London, so there will be no time constraints on your headshot shoot. Bookings will be a 2 1/2 hour morning or afternoon session, giving us plenty of time to shoot indoors with lighting and outdoors on location. I like to use both natural light and studio lighting as until you try, you can never tell which light will be most flattering for which person. This way we know we have the best opportunity of getting that killer shot! There is an unlimited amount of top changes and altering the hair within the time frame. It is best to bring simple colours and neck lines, and I think a coat or jacket with a collar often works well for outdoor shots.

Throughout the session we continually have a good look through the shots, this is really important to see what looks, expressions, hair styling and tops are working best for you, so that when we continue to shoot we are always improving the image.

When we're done shooting, we have around 300 - 400 images we've taken and reduce them to a manageable amount of somewhere near 200. From this I will build you your own web gallery for you to continue reviewing the images at home, this can also be shared with friends, family or your agent.

When you have picked your final 2 images, I will re-touch them and deliver multiple options in colour, B&W and 10x8 crops as high resolution Jpeg's ready for printing at wherever you choose or alternatively you can order prints direct from your web gallery.

As an experienced performer in the past, I know exactly what casting directors and agents are looking for in headshots. An honest representation of you on your best day. Re-touching will be believable and only repair blemishes, spots and skin issues. It really is a pointless task to change noses or ears etc....

This package has been tailored to give you, the performer, the best tools to secure that audition or job which is becoming ever increasingly difficult to obtain! People often think that headshots are a stressful, nerve wracking situation. I think quite the opposite, I always try to have a bit of fun whilst shooting and make everyone feel as relaxed as possible because this is when the best results are achieved.

If you need further convincing have a look at our reviews page, any questions on your mind, look at FAQ otherwise we look forward to hearing from you and booking in a session…….
Included in Price

Included in Price
2 1/2 Hour Head Shot Session, Reviewing of Images
Studio and Location Shots
A Personal Web Gallery
All images to download at web quality
2 Re-touched Images in Colour and B&W Delivered Digitally, Extras £12.50

Preparing For Your Shoot
People always seem to be really worried about what top to wear when they come for a session, whilst having a few good options is great, it's far from the most important part. Being in the best possible condition for the shoot is really important! Don't have a string of late nights before our session, make sure you get some good rest for at least a few nights before hand. Try to steam and look after your skin and lips, and make sure any facial hair is well groomed to your liking. Try to have a healthy diet, Drink LOTS of water, and it's best not to use fake tan or come straight after a holiday in the sun. These shots are really important to your success in a difficult industry, so give yourself the biggest advantage you can.

Make-up should be kept minimal to start, a good guide I think is to wear a little bit less than you would to an audition and we can easily add within our time frame to have options. If you aren't confident with make-up, we can arrange for somebody to help at the shoot.

Plan your journey to the shoot the night before and if possible leave some contingency time so we don't loose shooting time

Iron your clothes!!! and pack neatly, Bring options… Girls, spare a thought for colours of Bra you may need under different tops.

If you have long hair, think about how you might manage fly away hair. one of the hardest things to retouch, you want to look neat tidy and sleek!

I've also written an article about how to prepare and approach your headshot which can be seen

I know it's not rocket science, but really important at the same time!
Delivery of Images

Headshot Delivery
Finished images are provided as Jpegs in a new folder in your web gallery ready for you to download at High Resolution ready for print and Low Resolution for email or web usage.

For every image you order whether it be retouched or not, you will receive 6 different options, Colour in the out of camera ratio 6x4, and the industry required 10x8 in a loose and tight crop, and then the same options again for B&W

Just to reiterate, NO PRINTS are included in the packages.